Zumio: Rotating Pleasure in 60 Seconds!

Zumio Spirotip Vibrator is one of the most spectacular sex toys released in 2017.
A totally new idea, a technology never applied by any manufacturer so far.
Created by women for women, it is a really interesting toy!

Physical features

Zumio comes in a very pretty and elegant package, excellent as a gift box.
It is manufactured in a single purple variant and has a very particular shape, ergonomic and never seen before, in practice during use it can be grasped like a pen!
The materials are: medical silicone for the area where there are the controls and ABS plastic for the handle and the tip.
It is rechargeable via a USB socket that connects to a comfortable white base in which to insert Zumio, which remains so standing during the charge.
Charging time is about 16 hours from completely unloaded to fully charged, for an approximate use of 4 hours.
The package also contains a white clutch to carry it with you and an instruction booklet.
It is about 17 cm long and weighs about 75 grams.
It’s waterproof, and using it in the bathtub adds fun to the fun!

The strength of this tool is the speed with which it reaches orgasm: 89% of the women who used it said it reached orgasm in less than 5 minutes, 63% in less than 2!

The use is very simple, a key to turn on and the + and – keys to vary through the 8 tip speeds.

What’s special about Zumio?

Zumio Spirotip Vibrator was designed for women by women.
The basic idea is that there is no better movement than the circular movement to be used during female genital stimulation.
Therefore Zumio has the appearance of a handy pen or even an electric toothbrush, with a ball at the tip, which rotates at a higher speed, the higher the level of intensity. Beware, the ball does not vibrate, it rotates! It is the imperceptible and fast rotational movements, which we do not find in any sex toy so far produced!
The rotation provides a stimulation that starts from the surface and spreads deeper and deeper and makes it feel pleasure to mount more and more as you move it onto the genital area.
On the instruction booklet there is described a real 60-second “path” to explore the pleasure according to the Zumio School!

My experience

Needless to say, as an enthusiast and collector of sex toys, Zumio’s release made my eyes literally jump out of my head! I was sooo eager to try it, and finally the day has arrived!
I say it right away: it has not disappointed my expectations, indeed, it has far surpassed them!
As for aesthetics and packaging I was fascinated! Pack of a dazzling white and a sex toy that looks nothing like a sex toy!
I must have a perversion in this sense: the less they seem to be created to be sex toys and the more I like them! The more imaginative the design, the greater will be my desire to try them!


I tried it in two different times and I did two different tests. The first I tried orgasm in the famous 60 seconds, the second I played a lot with it!
I recommend always putting a little water-based lubricant on the tip for a more pleasant experience.

In the first case I didn’t reach orgasm in 60 seconds, but I did abundantly under the 5 minutes (if you are imagining a madgirl with a sex toy in one hand and a stopwatch in the other you are quite close to reality!). This reminded me of a rather precise image: a woman at work close to nervous exhaustion that needs a break! Zumio is so comfortable to carry in your handbag and so camouflaged in any makeup bag or for the towels that we usually take to the bathroom, so in moments of greater stress run away to the bathroom and have an orgasm in two minutes (among other things a it is very quiet, it produces a noise that even an open tap is enough to cover), is a divine blessing! The secret of Zumio is right there in time! Nobody can understand that you did not go to the bathroom to do something different from peeing! But you will have discharged tension and you will probably be more well disposed and productive! If this does not happen, go back to the bathroom and repeat as you wish!

At the second test I spent more time on using Zumio and I used it to explore more the whole genital area. I took some time, I tried the various speeds, the various areas of the genital area. I tried on the clitoris and its surroundings, on vagina and surroundings and I definitely liked!
The stimulation that I preferred was the medium intensity around the clitoris, inside the small lips to be clear. Alternating the positioning of Zumio’s tip in these two regions brought me multiple orgasms of varying intensity, from light and pleasant to absolutely amazing!
It’s a great tool to explore and the feeling given by the rotating movement is absolutely unprecedented, I do not remember having ever tried anything like this: that’s why Zumio Spirotip Vibrator is in a very high position in my personal ranking!

I can not point out pros and cons, Zumio has no cons, only pro!

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