Tease by Nomi Tang has Ears for your Orgasms!

Tease by Nomi Tang is a vibrator that thanks to its curved shape, is able to reach your G-spot and tease it with the intense vibration of its flexible ear-shaped end, providing a deep stimulation both inside and outside.

Tease comes to you in a shiny white box with his image on one side and the brand name on the other. Inside there is a hard case of white cardboard covered with white satin, where you will find his USB cable and the instruction booklet.

Made of medical silicone, smooth and velvety to the touch, Tease is completely waterproof up to one meter deep and has an integrated handle that will allow you to maneuver it with extreme comfort.

To start playing with him, just press the on/off button for a few seconds: Tease has five vibration modes that can be selected easily by pressing the same button and are all amazing!

Its peculiarity is in the control of the intensity of the vibration through an i-touch control, a small white panel placed under the power button, which will allow you to adjust the intensity by simply sliding your finger over the cursor up to increase and down to decrease power. Much more comfortable than other vibrators where you have to push different buttons.

This specific mode of operation will give you a unique and personal journey through various possible combinations.

The touch cursor does not work underwater. However the vibrator continues to operate underwater with the possibility to change the vibration mode.

Tease is rechargeable via USB through a small hole positioned at its lower end. I recommend charging it completely for two hours to get up to fifty minutes of use.

Tease thanks to the protuberance at its extremity will precisely pinpoint your G-spot making you experience much more intense orgasms than other vibrators designed for the same purpose.

In addition, I suggest you try to place your bulge directly on your clit, find the vibration mode you want most and in a few minutes Tease will be able to make you reach a prolonged and violent orgasm.

I invite you to use the vibrator with a water based lubricant. After use, clean it with a specific toy cleaner or with soap and water.


Tease is a must try, highly recommended both for internal and external use.

Buy your Tease by Nomi Tang here!

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