Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration – The Clitorissucker with Something More!

Satisfyer, the clitorissuckers specialist, has dropped a new ace on the table: he added the vibration to the suction… woooow!

The new “Plus” (vibration) line includes a solo play toy (Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration), a coupels toy (Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples) and a rabbit vibrator (Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit) . All three have both air stimulation and vibration functionality and are an absolute novelty in the sex toys market.

Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration

It is a dual stimulation clitoral stimulator: air and vibration.
To use it, open the big lips well exposing the clitoris, and place the hole of the stimulator cap exactly above the clitoris, taking care to make it adhere well to the skin. Once positioned leave it there! The inner membrane with a “back and forth” movement creates a really exciting feeling of suction thanks to its compression waves! It has 11 levels of intensity. Pressing the on/off button for two seconds will activate the lowest level, which you can adjust using the + and – keys. Using it in the bathtub (it is totally waterproof) will bring you an even more pleasant feeling!
In addition to air stimulation there is also vibration. This is activated by pressing the bottom button with the wave drawn above. You can not adjust the intensity of the vibration which is unique, but by pushing the button you can travel through 10 different vibration modes, all very interesting, from constant to waves.
The choice is yours, to only use air stimulation, only vibration or both, which is why Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration was created.
It is rechargeable, two hours of recharge for about two hours of use (and it’s a lot of time!)
The body of Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration is in white silicone, with keys in antique pink ABS plastic.
As for cleaning, simply wash it with soap and water or with a specific sextoy cleaner. Remove the suction cap and clean the two parts separately, taking care not to damage the membrane, personally I clean and dry the membrane with the help of a cotton swab.

My experience

The design of this sex toy is very elegant, I am fixated with the aesthetic aspect of these toys, and this is really noteworthy!
White silicone, a blue light and antique pink ABS plastic are a truly winning combination for my taste!
The same can not be said of the packaging, which is pretty but very basic. On the other hand, a very elaborate packaging would have brought the price definitely up, this way instead we have a nice and effective sex toy at a very affordable price (around 70 euros).

While Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation, the clitorissucker ONLY clitorissucker is one of my favorite toys, I cannot say the same about Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration.
Not that I did not like it, on the contrary! The vibration is a pretty good addition, and it’s fun to jump between the two modes and then let them go together.
Consider that the use and taste in using these objects is very personal, it is really about taste, what drives me crazy, could be nothing special for another woman, so all I say is not to be taken as a general speech but like my personal experience!
Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration, is not a sex toy that you can use if you have little time and desire for a fast orgasm. Of course we all go in a hurry these days, and certainly masturbation should be one of those moments that one takes for herself, relax and enjoy the ride! With this toy it’s exactly what happened to me: I did not reach orgasm in two minutes like with others, but I played a lot!
I recommend using a medium-high level of compression waves, since not being able to adjust the intensity of the vibration if you use the air stimulation at a low level you almost might not feel it. This could lead to an “early” sensitizing of the clitoris, in which case it will be fun to stop sucking and pass the vibration in the surrounding regions, then put the toy back on the clitoris and start again!
The vibration stimulates the whole area even more intensely, and the orgasm you reach I assure you will be a bomb!
Its shape is ergonomic and is therefore absolutely manageable and easy to use.
It’ sa bit of a little torture, sometimes you are at the edge of a tickling bother, but I think this is precisely what makes this toy valueable!

Watch my Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration videoreview on my YouTube Channel

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