Queen Bee By Hot Octopuss: the Pulsing Queen

Before talking about Queen Bee specifically, I would like to say a few words about its production company, the Hot Octopuss.

It is a young British company and unlike the vast majority of sex toy companies has a very particular vision for the environment in which it moves: attention to inclusion and accessibility for users with disabilities.

Its products are not the classic sex toys, vibrators, cock rings and so on, but devices (such as Pulse Duo) with the ability to help couples where the man may have suffered a spinal injury and is unable to reach erection, helping them to have satisfactory sexual relations despite the handicap.

Without necessarily arriving at the spinal injury, a device like Pulse is still very useful in people with erection problems, whether used in pairs or alone.
HERE a detailed explanation from Hot Octopuss website.

I know a blind sex blogger, who found Queen Bee very easy to use, thanks to the shape of its keys, sufficiently “raised” so you can “read” them with your fingers.

Sex is great, and everyone has to be able to do it, so the Hot Octopuss should certainly be applauded for paying attention to a category of people who are already forced to experience a thousand difficulties.

We talk more about inclusion, accessibility, solidarity, equality, Hot Octopuss brings two worlds, the one of sex and that of disability that have always been a taboo together, or even worse have been hardly matched, as if sex should magically disappear from the lives of people who find themselves living with physical deficits. So: thumbs up for Hot Octopuss!

And What About Queen Bee?

Let’s go now to the real review of our sex toy!
Queen Bee is a clitoral stimulator of a particular and versatile shape, it looks like a brush, or a paddle, but I wouldn’t advise you using it to spank, if not in a very light way (but at that point why are we spanking?) because it has a special technology inside that might be damaged if not used appropriately.

I’m talking about PulsePlate Technology, a technology patented by the same company that consists of a stimulation made of pulsations, not vibrations. As seen from the photos, on the large part of Queen Bee, there is a sort of platform, slightly untied from the base, and it is this part that once you turn on the toy begins to pulsate and oscillate providing a very special stimulation!

Queen Bee has 7 oscillation/pulsation speeds and 6 different oscillation/pulsation patterns. It switches on and off by keeping the on/off button pressed for a couple of seconds, increase and decrease the speed with the + and – keys, and travel between the various modes using the circle button.
It is made of ABS and TPE plastic with a cute honeycomb design.
Completely waterproof, it can be used safely in the bathtub and washed without problems with soap and water or with a specific sex toy cleaner.
It can be recharged via a USB cable that can be connected to the back via two magnets, it takes 4 hours for a full charge that provides an hour of continuous use, but I dare you use it for so long!
The packaging is rather basic, but elegantly designed, it also contains a clutch to carry Queen Bee with you without the clutter of the box.

Overall, the design of Queen Bee is very “serious”, and it is available only in a single grey variety with chrome trim, but in a jungle of pink and velvety products a bit stronger appearance is not bad!

Me and Queen Bee

I wished for a long time to try this sex toy so different in appearance and functionality than the rest of the vibrators I tried, and as I said in the introduction, even the esteem of the Hot Octopuss project did nothing but increase my curiosity in their production.

Me and Queen Bee found ourselves very well together and we liked it!
Its brush shape makes it very comfortable to handle, and I personally find it very pleasant that it is of a certain size if compared to most clitoral stimulators that are sometimes extremely small!
Despite this, if you are a woman who has a tendency to have a clitoris that easily sensitizes itself, the size of Queen Bee is not a problem at all.
I also have this “handicap” and moving the swinging platform of Queen Bee from directly above the clitoris sideways on the labia I got a pleasant side effect: an orgasm, thanks to the transmission of the oscillation from the labia to the clitoris!
The key point with this sex toy is in fact that it is anything but delicate, in the sense that it is effective both at the minimum level of intensity but also and above all maintaining a very light contact with it.
Pressing Queen Bee hard over the genitals can not only be annoying, but is not functional. You must leave the necessary space between it and the clitoris to make the pulsating platform do its job: pulsing!
Therefore it will be enough to keep it just resting on the genitals to make the most of its potential.
It will have a very satisfying effect, and instead of a vibration we will feel like a lot of very fast little hits on the clitoris that I assure you are phenomenal!

A defect, a single defect but it is only such under some conditions: noise.
Personally as soon as I turned it on the first time I got like: Oh my god!
But you get used to it and above all it is not distracting from the activity you are doing!
It can be a problem if you are not alone in the house, if you have roommates in the next room, otherwise: go ahead!

Apart from that my judgment on Queen Bee is excellent!

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