MyLover: Your New Lover!


MyLover is part of a new generation of sex toys: thrusters, vibrators that simulate penetration.
Once there were the sex machines, and they still are, some real catafalques with a mechanical arm at the end of which there is a dildo. The mechanical arm moves back and forth, simulating the movement of a male body, the woman positions herself in front of this arm and is penetrated.
The sex machines are very interesting, but they have a defect not really surmountable: they are rather cumbersome!
If you have a small house, or children running around the apartment they are not really ideal!
MyLover solves the problem by concentrating the power of a sex machine in an object of small size, a vibrator to hold in your hands!

MyLover is not a vibrator in the strict sense, it is a thruster, so its shaft does not vibrate, but it moves back and forth and with 7 different speeds of movement, it will allow you to adjust the intensity of the thrusts at your convenience.

The packaging is rather simple but nice. It comes in an elegant black box with a transparent central part so you can see the content.
Inside you will find it in a black plastic container with a small box containing the USB charging cable and a small instruction booklet at the top.

My Lover, with its 15 cm insertable length, has very interesting dimensions, but although it is not suitable to carry in a handbag, during use it is very easy to handle. Unlike a sex machine, you do not have to adapt your body to the movement of an object that remains stationary, but with the simple movement of the hand you can direct it in the most pleasant way to you!
My Lover will surprise you with strong and deep thrusts that thanks to its capacity of extension will stimulate your G-spot, giving you pleasant orgasms.

Made of soft silicone, it is very pleasant to the touch. It is currently available in a single fuchsia version with a white ABS plastic handle.
The non-porous silicone makes this object safe from the point of view of cleaning, water and soap or a specific antibacterial sex toy cleaner are the most suitable solutions to clean it before and after use.

Being water resistant you can experience it even while relaxing in the bath or in the shower.

My Lover is switched on by pressing for a few seconds the outermost button on the handle and the power can be adjusted by pressing the two arrow keys: the one upwards to increase the speed and the one down to decrease it.

If you want to insert it while it is already on, I suggest you use a good amount of lubricant, because if it finds any resistance, it stops. A good water based lubricant, is still advisable, given the rather generous dimensions of the product!

Play with the various intensities to find the one that best suits you.

Personally, I have felt more pleasure using it in its intermediate speeds, increasing its power when approaching the orgasm.
Another use that I liked was using it without deep insertion into the vagina, but holding it in the first part, a very sensitive area if stimulated properly, and MyLover does it!
It is excellent even if used as a clitoral stimulator. Lying on the lips with a bit of lubricant, it slides back and forth by itself making a real clitoral massage that will make you reach orgasm even in a short time.

MyLover is rechargeable via USB cable, now an ecological choice for this young company that has been adopted to avoid the use of disposable batteries.

MyLover is a versatile, new product with an attractive design and a rather low price for what it offers.

Miss Juicy Candy promotes and says yes to MyLover of MyToys!

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