Emma: a Crazy Mini Wand!

Svakom is undoubtedly one of my favorite brands, and the more I try, the more I confirm it!

Emma is a mini wand, a mini massager with a nice shape and bright colors!

Being “mini” certainly does not have the power of a traditional wand (nor of course the price therefore) so using it to massage the muscles of the whole body is not ideal, so…go for the intimate massage!


Emma arrives in a modern box with a cover with her figure imprinted on it, inside the box it is placed on a cushion in foam and is accompanied by a convenient grey velvet pochette to carry it with you and the charging cable USB. Emma is in fact rechargeable, an ecological choice by Svakom, always attentive to the environment, to avoid the use of disposable batteries.

Emma is available in two colors: plum red and violet.
Made of medical silicone, it has a super-smooth texture, and the handle with an ABS chrome-plated plastic base breaks its air with a touch of elegance!

It has 5 vibration modes plus one, the Svakom Intelligent Mode, a vibration mode that travels through different rhythms without any need to manually change the mode.
Emma is very manageable and comfortable. It lights up with the middle key S, the intensity of vibration is adjusted with the arrows up and down.
By pushing the arrow keys up or down twice, you can change the vibration mode:
1. Normal mode
2. Caressing mode
3. Joyful mode
4. Passionate mode
5. Orgasm mode

For the Svakom Intelligent mode, press the S key once, twice to repeat it.
Then choose whether to manually change the vibration mode or whether to let the Svakom mode transport you to the peak of pleasure!

My experience

Emma is small, but adorable!
It is ideal for external use, both directly on the clitoris and making it go even more externally on the labia majora.
Although it is a wand, its head is not so big, so with a good dose of lubricant you can also insert it into the vagina helping you with its vibration!
It is small and comfortable, you can take it with you with its clutch bag, entering any bag in an absolutely discreet way, so you will never miss fantastic orgasms wherever you go!

The Heating Version

Emma is also available in a heating variant, the pride of Svakom technology!
Through a button with the drawing of a thermometer you can activate the heating mode, which makes Emma reach a temperature of about 38° C, not so much to burn but enough to give an extremely pleasant feeling, especially immediately after orgasm .
Emma Heating Mini Wand has also a hood with two little wings that applied on its tip makes sure that the vibration is distributed at its ends and with which you can have even more fun!
You can choose to stimulate the clitoris with the wings or place them on the big lips, above all you can use them for a double stimulation, inserting one into the vagina and leaving the other resting on the clitoris, or on the contrary in the perineal area.
In the same way they can be used on the male genitals, making them slide along the shaft of the penis, or massaging with one the testicles and with the other the perineal region.
In short, it lends itself to numerous varieties of uses, one better than the other!




Emma is an absolutely valid object, a fun game that gives fantastic orgasms, having to choose between the two variants but without a doubt the simple one would choose the heating version, so you can take advantage of both the hood and the heat!


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