Crescendo di Mystery Vibe – The Ferrari of Vibrators!

Make yourself comfortable and face this breathtaking journey with me in the world of Mystery Vibe!
The name itself, Crescendo, tells it all about this vibrator with a thousand potentialities and absolutely cutting edge.
It was a breathtaking experience that I recommend to everyone!
But let’s go with order, let’s see the features, the operation and my experience with this fantastic vibrello!


It would take a scientific treatise to describe this product, but I will try to be synthetic and effective!
Let’s start from the packaging: elegance is definitely a pride for Mystery Vibe.
Crescendo arrives in a total black and gold package, exceptionally accurate in every detail. It is accompanied by a very elegant black quilted clutch, with a pocket to put Crescendo, and two spaces to put the charger and the charging cable. It all closes with an elegant black satin ribbon with the Mystery Vibe logo printed in gold above.
Crescendo is rechargeable via USB cable, but the cable does not attach directly to the vibrator, but to a small round base. Just connect the base via the cable and simply lean Crescendo on it, and you’re done!
The vibrator is made of soft silicone, and has 6, 6 engines!

The main feature of Crescendo is that it is articulated, you can basically give it the shape you prefer, fold it into several parts, curl it, roll it around the penis, in short, any shape! The only precaution is not to bend it sideways, but back and forth is completely articulated, and you can find the curvature and position you like best!
Crescendo has infinite modes of vibration, why?
With six engines the combinations are many, and there is also a little more: the app for the phone.
By downloading the app for both IPhone and Google Play, you can not only remote control via bluetooth Crescendo, but you can build your own vibrations, choosing the order in which to start the six different engines, and saving these modes on the app , so you can reuse them the next time! This is an absolute novelty! In addition, you can use your mobile phone as a real remote control to make Crescendo work remotely.
The vibrator is water resistant, so you can use it in the shower and wash it without problems before and after use.
It is available in two colors: water green and fuchsia.
By registering the product on the website you will get a 12 month warranty.

How Does It Work

Crescendo, despite being a vibrator of a certain complexity, is very easy to use.
It has only four small keys at the sides of the wider end. The + and – keys to adjust the intensity and two arrows, top and bottom, to change the vibration mode.
To turn it on, press the plus button for a couple of seconds, to switch it off, do the same with the minus key. All this can also be done without touching Crescendo, but using only the application from the phone.
From the app, turn on the bluetooth of the phone and connect to Crescendo by pressing the arrow at the top for two seconds and … have fun!
To recharge it, connect the round base to a USB socket and place Crescendo on the base so that the green light at the tip lights up and is charging!

My experience

I was absolutely thrilled by the experience with Crescendo!
The fact that it is articulated allows you to give it the shape you prefer!
Using the app was more fun, my partner and I played a lot creating new vibration modes and giving them the weirdest names!
Crescendo can be used for playing alone or in couples, it’s good for both him and her. It can be rolled around the penis, it can be positioned between the two partners, it can stimulate the perineal region and the scrotum simultaneously. It can be used by two women at the same time, in short, has endless possibilities of use and is absolutely gender friendly!

But what use did I do of it?
Perhaps the most “trivial” but certainly I got an incredible satisfaction!
Crescendo presents in the larger part, two tabs, which if positioned on the small labias act as a clitoris stimulator. So I folded it in the shape of a C, a part of it I inserted into the vagina and the other I placed it on the clitoris. Its length makes it ergonomic and manageable, so as to make it get to touch the G-spot in a supereffective way. For me that I usually reach orgasm more with clitoral stimulation than with vaginal stimulation was a revelation!
I managed to push it very high on the G-spot and I had sensational orgasms! After twenty minutes I still sighed!
I think I will use it extensively to be able to get a satisfaction that I have not yet obtained: squirting! Using Crescendo I felt very close to this goal, you draw the conclusion!

Summing up: Crescendo is elegant, handy, lends itself to multiple uses, has an app to use it remotely and endless variations of customizable vibration modes, is fine for use alone or in couples, it is rechargeable, therefore environmentally friendly and It’s absolutely a bomb! This time I give a round 10!

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